The UTN Facultad Regional Buenos Aires, Argentina announced that it will offer a free and completely online course dedicated to Bitcoin and Blockchain technology for the second time. The course is called: „Bitcoin and blockchain: a technical introduction“, as specified by an announcement from the National Technological University.

According to the publication, the course will be delivered through the Center for Educational Research and Innovation (CIIE), in collaboration with the Secretary of Culture and University Extension of the Faculty, the NGO Bitcoin Argentina and Signatura.

This would be the second edition of the course that emerged from the need to understand what Bitcoin (BTC) is, after the rise of cryptomonies during 2017. Also, to understand how this technology works, both at a technical and social level, as described in the press release.

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The course will provide information to be able to discriminate real facts from certain fictions that circulate about Bitcoin and other cryptomontages. It will also offer the conceptual and practical bases needed to interact with the Bitcoin network and to be able to integrate these ideas into your own projects and undertakings.

On the other hand, the University recommends participants to have basic levels of some areas such as: Mathematics, Economics, Cryptography, Computer Science, Internet. As well as to handle the English language.

The Blockchain and Bitcoin online course will last six weeks
During the course, which is being held from June 29th for a duration of 6 weeks, questions such as how Bitcoin works, what makes it different, how to use it, the security offered by cryptomoney, what determines its price and possible regulations will be addressed.

They will also cover the topics of digital wallets, mining and cryptography, as well as how Bitcoin Revolution and Bitcoin work as a decentralized organization.

The course will be free and completely online. These modules will be developed through videos, suggested readings, online questionnaires to evaluate the progress of the topics covered, among others.

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The reports on this new course name electrical engineer Julian Drangosch as the person in charge of teaching the educational material. The engineer is recognized for being an activist, a member of the NGO Bitcoin Argentina and an enthusiast of crypto-money.

Drangosch is also known for currently working as an electrical engineer in the design of high voltage electrical substations. He has graduated and taught different subjects at UTNBA since 2008.

The first edition of the course was held in 2019, with the participation of more than 1,000 people. For this second edition, the course has new resources and activities to promote the learning of the participants, according to the university.

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