Monat: November 2020

What if compulsive gamblers take over? This is the funny idea of ​​this cryptocurrency

A truly “safe” project – After having developed its prediction market, Gnosis wishes to decentralize its governance with the creation of GnosisDAO. Although the phenomenon is common, the governance proposed by GnosisDAO has several particularities.

A new token: SAFE

Gnosis is one of the surviving projects of the ICO era. Launched in 2015, the project raised $ 298 million in April 2017 through its ICO .

After having developed its prediction market for several years, Gnosis now wishes to decentralize its governance with the creation of GnosisDAO .

When it is launched, the DAO introduces 3 proposals :

The creation of a model for Gnosis Improvement Proposals (GIP);
The creation of a governance token, the SAFE ;
The distribution of a unique reward to the first DAO participants.
What are the differences with other governance systems?
Although this decentralization proposal seems to be relatively similar to those that we have encountered in turn with Compound, Balancer or Uniswap, it has some specificities .

Indeed, the governance of the protocol will be highly linked to its prediction market . So, governance follows a model called futarchy , created by Robin Hanson. This model thus proposes that each vote be tested on prediction markets , to deduce in advance which would be the best choices to be made for the protocol.

“People can influence [a vote] (…). When a new proposal is on the table, people can already signal whether they would buy or sell the token (GNO) if the proposal were implemented. This is in fact the most direct way to ask the market for feedback on a proposal . „

Martin Köppelmann, CEO de Gnosis

Even so, the first implementation of futarchy will be a more flexible version, which will tend to solidify into the protocol as DAO grows.

BTC Bitcoin Rally Bull

Den Bitcoin (BTC) pris bröt slutligen ut från $ 15.800 motståndsområdet och nådde en topp på nästan $ 16.500.

Även om en kortsiktig minskning kan inträffa för att validera området som stöd, ser det inte ut som BTC har nått en topp ännu.

Bitcoin bryter ut

Bitcoin-priset hade handlats under motståndsområdet $ 15.800 sedan den 5. november. Efter att ha skapat en stigande triangel kunde priset äntligen bryta ut igår och nådde högst 16 494 $ innan det sjönk något.

Området 15 800 dollar kommer sannolikt att fungera som stöd och sammanfaller också med en stigande stödlinje.

På kort sikt har BTC börjat visa svaghet. Efter att ha skapat två baisse uppslukande ljusstakar har priset skapat ett kvällsstjärnmönster , som normalt betraktas som ett baisseartat vändningsmönster.

Därför är det möjligt att priset kommer att spåras för att validera området $ 15 800 som stöd, tillsammans med den stigande supportlinjen, innan det så småningom går högre.

Trots breakout har den dagliga trenden börjat visa svaghet i form av den betydande baisseartade avvikelsen i RSI, som också ligger i överköpt territorium.

Men varken MACD eller Stokastisk oscillator visar någon svaghet

Dessutom har priset nått 0,786 Fib-motståndsnivå på $ 16,140 vid mätning från 2017 års höga pris.

När man kombinerar detta med den baisseartade avvikelsen visar det att BTC sannolikt närmar sig toppen av sitt uppåtgående drag.

Om ökningen fortsätter finns nästa motståndsnivå på 17 264 dollar.

By 2022, a cryptocurrency will lay the foundations for a digital universal income linked to personal data

Discover in video the prediction of Mehdi Medjaoui about the sale of personal data. According to him, a leading web company will launch a cryptocurrency (stablecoin) to encourage Internet users to sell their personal data for compensation. The reflections presented in this prediction series also touch on other ideas of the macroeconomic order. We invite you to discuss each prediction made by sharing your opinion with us.

What is a smart contract?

A smart contract, also called a smart contract in French, is a computer program / application that is triggered automatically without third-party intervention. In the case of blockchain technologies, these autonomous contracts are automatically activated on the network when conditions are met. The triggers are entered by the creator of the smart contract when it is created. The most famous cryptocurrency for smart contracts is Bitcoin Era even if many competitors have appeared over time such as Tezos for example. Autonomous agreements are used in the ICO or the DeFi protocols.

What is the GDPR?

The RGPD is the general regulation on data protection. This text aims to improve the protection of personal data of individuals within the European Union. Thus, companies that reach European citizens are concerned by the collection, storage and processing of personal data. The latter must obtain the consent of the people before collecting their data. They must store this data anonymously and securely so as not to reveal personal information. They also have the obligation to provide and delete data if the data subjects so request.

What is universal income?

It is a sum of money, or other asset, paid on a regular basis to a whole community of people on a regular basis. The disbursement criteria may differ depending on the entity or entities that pay this income. In this example, the revenues are paid by companies in exchange for personal data (voluntarily provided by individuals) that they can use to improve their advertising targeting, for example.

Mehdi Medjaoui thinks that the data collected by digital platforms is a huge capital that is underused and consumed in a non-optimal way because it is only consumed by a few players. With the development (and maturity) of the GDPR and new IT tools (API, new programming interfaces), this capital will be freed up (it will be easier to transfer this data) and made profitable by the users who will benefit from a dividend of „digital work“. According to some estimates, user data is worth an average of $ 8,000. Thus, users could share their data, on a consent basis, with certain selected actors and could receive a kind of universal income (monetary value) or various benefits (in kind for example). Currently, payment via fiat currencies does not allow players to carry out micro-transactions (of the order of a few cents) because the costs of the financial system are too high. This is why Mehdi Medjaoui thinks that a cryptocurrency (RGPD) will be used, probably a stablecoin created by a major web player.